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Sun Dolphin Boats

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Sun Dolphin boats are made in America by KL Outdoor.
For over 23 years, Sun Dolphin has been recognized as the best value in small boats.
Sun Dolphin boats are manufactured with a commitment to quality, through design
and by using the finest materials available, in an ISO 9001 certified faciltiy.
Sun Dolphin boats are made from UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene.
This translates to a quality product which is extremely durable and lightweight,
resists color fade, all to insure your satisfaction for years to come.
KL Outdoor is the only manufacturer to extrude and thermoform
their own polyethylene sheets and design and their our own prototype molds.
This allows tem to keep tight controls on quality.
KL Outdoor prides itself on supplying the best boats available, made in the USA.


We stock and ship parts from our own warehouse

If the part is listed with a price, it is in stock and ready to ship. We have seen other websites offering parts - most used our drawings and photos and they have the parts drop shipped from someone else. Anyone can put up a website, offering items for sale, but very few stock parts or can back it up with the knowledge and experience that comes from handling pedal boats for 40 years. Most orders ship the next day, and several ship the same day.

If it's on our parts list with a price, it is in our warehouse.

We stock and ship parts from our own warehouse Online orders ship the same day or next day.
If it's on our parts list with a price, it is in our warehouse.

We now have a simple and reliable way to patch your boat! Click here for a demo

Online orders process considerably faster than orders placed by phone.

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